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Top Xmas party trends for next year. How to make your event future proof with the latest festive styling to impress your guests.


2015 Christmas Party Trends

15 Nov 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Christmas, Corporate, trends

Last week we brought you the Christmas 2014 party trends which you can find in the shops.  This week, we’re talking 2015 Xmas party trends and they’re new and exciting!

From a ‘Christmas office party’ event point of view, if you’re planning a works Christmas party or Xmas party at your office,  these are the top 5 2015 Xmas themes which will put your party at the forefront.  These are themes hot off the press, straight from the trends team who’ve just got back from New York and Paris, and are (shhhh don’t tell anyone) the trends for 2015 Christmas.  Because of this, you won’t be able to buy these items straight off the peg, you’ll have to create them yourselves.  Of course, if you want a professionally decorated Xmas retail space or Xmas event decor then you’d be wise to hire an event management company such as Wellpleased Events to do it for you.


Christmas 2015 – Office Party


1. Lunar Constellations & Northern Lights

You’ll notice this on all the cool-cats’ T-shirts right now and it’s moving into Xmas decor soon.  Think projected night skies, laser beams and ethereal mood-lighting.  Dark velvet furniture, twinkling fairy lights, black and navy trees, and jewel tones.  Uncluttered, wide expanses of dark colour and cool DJ music (that’s Slade out of the window then).  This is a chilled Christmas for those in the know; not for Margaret from accounts.


2. Highland Hunting Lodge

This Christmas theme is quite traditional, with tartan and natural fabrics, but it isn’t cheap.  Beautiful old Chesterfield armchairs, real log fires (check your health and safety will allow a fire – it’s unlikely) and woven rugs.  Try not to go down the red and green route, how about emerald green and heather colours instead?  This might not sound new to you but add in the ‘cabinet of curiosity’ trend with glass jars of beautiful spices and found items, shelves with exotic plants and taxidermy, terrariums and racks of jewels, shells and stones.  This will make it a little bit magical and exciting rather than run-of-the-mill.


3. 1980’s Pastels On Skis

pastel ski

pastel ski2

pastel ski3

So the neon trend might have had its day for Christmas (well, it should have), but it hasn’t evolved very far.  If you’re still hooked on this colour trend for Xmas 2014 then focus on bright pastels rather than neons, and add them to a gorgeous ski lodge prop.  Artificial snow looks great with this.  You can try some fluorescent stick lights (just put them on a dimmer switch so they’re not too bright) in the background.  Mix with rustic trestle tables and benches, oak barrels to pop your beer on and awesome white leather furniture for a more modern look.  (All available from Wellpleased Events of course)


4. 1950s vintage



1950s christmas morning


This 1950’s Xmas theme again is quite classic but hard to achieve on your own so you may need to get some props in.  This needs a lot of wooden toys, and classic cars, think of the Crabbies couple – if they did Xmas how would it look?  Vintage fabrics, chrome, smooth lines, muted colours.  Christmas knits of course; get those jumpers out again, and classic Hollywood pin-ups too!  In terms of lettering and design, it’s quite kitsch so if you’re looking for a reference point, the Babycham logo is where it’s at.


5. Russian Aristocracy

russian 7




We’re not going bling for this Xmas theme, it’s more the aristocracy if they were on the run through the forest.  Beautiful furs (fake of course), velvet throws and traditional crafts with beautiful textures.  If you’re looking for props, then a ski lodge is the way to go, but also turreted tiled towers in true St Petersburg style.  Stained glass windows and multi-coloured lights. Gingerbread houses and treats.  Artisanal, but without going rustic, still opulent.


Christmas 2015 Colours

And if all you want is to decorate your tree in style then the following are the colour trends for 2015.  They blend in nicely with metallics too, so you don’t have to go the full hog; just add pops of colour:


1. Cobalt blue, zingy yellow and silver

2. Apricot pastels with mint and silver

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