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Corporate Event Entertainment: The Age of Multi-sensory Experiences

08 Mar 2019, Posted by Sarah Clark in Corporate, corporate event, Entertainment, Uncategorized

Corporate event professionals looking for event entertainment have two priorities in mind, increase engagement and deliver experiences that stick with their audience. A multi-sensory event is an ideal way to deliver on these objectives because of its powerful imprinting abilities on memory. Events that stimulate multiple senses create…

2015 Christmas Party Trends

15 Nov 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Christmas, Corporate, trends

Last week we brought you the Christmas 2014 party trends which you can find in the shops.  This week, we’re talking 2015 Xmas party trends and they’re new and exciting! rom a ‘Christmas office party’ event point of view, if you’re planning a works Christmas…

Planning a Christmas Party in Leeds

14 Oct 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Christmas, Corporate, Private Event

Ah, wonderful Leeds.  Pretty much guaranteed to have no snow, gusting winds and a lot of rain… the ideal place for a Christmas Party! Well, actually,despite the weather it’s one of the best locations and here we’ll tell you why.  We’ll also tip you off…

Charity Ball Event Timelapse Video

10 Oct 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Corporate, Wellpleased events

We get a lot of calls from events management undergraduates in Leeds and London asking how we produce the corporate events that we do.  We’re not about to give away our event management secrets to anyone, but here we can show you the steps that…