wellpleased | Brief timelapse video showing Leeds event build
Short YouTube film detailing a Yorkshire charity ball event build from start to finish. Features event production and event management from Wellpleased Events with bespoke event furniture.


Charity Ball Event Timelapse Video

10 Oct 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Corporate, Wellpleased events

Events which last just a matter of hours often take months of work and planning

We get a lot of calls from events management undergraduates in Leeds and London asking how we produce the corporate events that we do.  We’re not about to give away our event management secrets to anyone, but here we can show you the steps that we go through on the day of the event build with a full timelapse video of a charity ball which we produced for Metropolis.  Of course, this isn’t all of the events work; this is just the event build.  As you might imagine, an events management company spends months of work event planning and a lot of the design is done right at the start of the process. Wellpleased have large warehouse and workshops where we house all of our event props to hire and where we build and produce a lot of our event furniture.  For this event we designed and created bespoke event furniture such as booth seating and high bar tables; these items are now available to hire for events.

The event was designed around a 1960’s Carnaby Street style.  It took sixties graphics and design and brought them up to date, in line with current trends and using products from our client’s range.  The full event portfolio can be viewed by clicking here.


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