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Top 5 Xmas themes for festive events. Wellpleased Events detail the leading Christmas decoration styles for 2014 office parties and parties at home.


Christmas 2014 Decor Trends

20 Oct 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Christmas, Corporate, Events, Private Event, trends, Uncategorized

So we thought we’d give you some insight into Christmas 2014 decorating trends.

Firstly, from a ‘Christmas at home’ point of view, here are the 5 latest Xmas 2014 trends to use if you’re throwing your own small festive get together you know what to look out for in the shops, these are themes that you can buy decorations for already because the trends are highly marketed and widespread.  Secondly, we talk about the trend which just won’t go away if you’re planning a kids Christmas party.

Next week we’ll reveal the top 5 2015 Xmas themes which will put your party at the forefront so watch this space!


Christmas at Home 2014

 1. Burlap


burlap xmas

Burlap as a Christmas theme has been around for quite a few years but it is still dominating. As well the US, we have seen a quantity of British suppliers now detailing burlap and naturals in their 2014 ranges. Burlap looks stunning added to gentle golds, champagnes or cream tones, or add browns and woodland creatures for a completely different Xmas 2014 style.  We’ve not been a fan of the naturals in the past because they have had more of a rustic feel to them, but this year we’ve seen naturals with a more contemporary slant.  Minimalist rather than shabby chic.

2. Frosted


frosted xmas

This is one for the older Frozen fans out there. Elsa would be proud.  White has been increasing in popularity, but with the addition of frosted trimming and transparent glassware it makes for more of a fun, children friendly theme without losing the elegance. Of course, snow-dwelling animals like polar bears and penguins are big in this theme, alongside frosted reindeer.


3. Bling


bling xmas

Think metallics and diamante; if it shimmers or glitters, it’s perfect for this Xmas trend.  Not for everyone of course, much more WAG than the other Christmas 2014 themes. Xmas decorations covered in rhinestones, finished with silver, copper, gold or champagne abound in the shops (try Next).  Diamante also works brilliantly with more contemporary colours such as zingy yellow; this will give a less tacky, more modern twist to your Xmas theming.


4. Champagne



Champagne has been a fashionable choice for Xmas decorating for the past 5 years. It’s a stylish option, and this year we saw it used on its own, as well as paired with naturals, coppers, bronzes and browns.  It is a wonderful base colour to simply add a pop of colour with a small scarlet or emerald green decoration for example. You’ll find lots of Xmas soft furnishings in this colour too.


5. Chevrons

Chevron Pillow 7

It just won’t go away!  The most zeitgeist-y pattern for the last 2 years.  It’s been the 2014 theme for home furnishings and now it’s overlapped into Xmas 2014 decor themes.  You should see chevron Christmas ornaments as well as chevron ribbons.  Chevron can also be used to add a little impact to the natural tones; it’s also a great choice to match with strong red and white or black and white themes for your Christmas tree.


Kids Christmas Party Theme 2014



The kids will LOVE this Frozen Christmas theme decor, so this would be great for a works family Christmas party or for the home.  Getting hold of the characters, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff is pointless because you should just ask guests to dress up as the characters, the costumes for which you can buy in Disney stores.  The easiest way to create an icy blue interior is with some blue lighting (ask your favourite event management company; they’ll have LED blue uplighters). To create the icy lake, a great idea is to hire an interactive projector which can be rigged to the ceiling. It will project the icy lake onto the floor AND guests can interact with it, cracking ice as they step on it, kicking virtual pine cones around with their feet (most event management companies in Leeds will have a projector like this that you can hire).  Then fill the room with Christmas trees (Wellpleased have up to 200 Christmas trees for hire, and they can put them up for you too) and cover with artificial snow. Your event management company can of course source all of this for you and clean up afterwards (which is the nightmare bit); they can even book real-life ‘Sven’ reindeers to meet and greet guests!  For inspiration, have a look at these icy, Christmassy events which we created for clients in previous years.  Click here for an icy Christmas Grotto that we created for Selfridges.  Click here to see our snowy wintery wonderland that we created for a Christmas wedding.

Stay tuned for next week’s installment which gives you 2015 trends, hot off the press!



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