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Top event spaces and rooms in Manchester, Birmingham and London with high capacities. Event venues with capacities of 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and more which are purpose built for conferences, gala dinners, parties and exhibitions.


Large event space in London, Birmingham and Manchester

07 Oct 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Corporate, Private Event

So you’re organising your company conference or party. Perhaps it’s a Christmas Party or a Year Beginning Meeting. But you have one problem; which venue is going to be large enough to hold all of your colleagues and suppliers whilst still looking stylish and with a dash of character and originality?

You have a few options in conducting your search.

  • You could Google it, with, say a search term of ‘600 capacity venue London’ but you’ll come up with the dull hotels, the boring conference rooms whose Google rankings have been paid for by large corporates. Don’t even attempt to look at the carpet. Ugh.
  • You could go to a Venue Search company, who specialise in finding high capacity conference venues for large companies. The trouble is (and we know, we have used them before too) is that you’ll spend 10 minutes giving them the brief, and they won’t get back to you until two days later, with… (wait for it)… the same party venues that you found yourself on the Google search. Then they’ll bombard you with marketing emails about ‘500 capacity venues in Birmingham’ when actually what you wanted was a venue in the Cotswolds; that’s because they use computer logarithms rather than people to find what you want, and that doesn’t involve common sense. You also won’t get the best price because, of course, they’re the middle man.
  • Thirdly, you could put it out to social media. Ask your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook for their recommendations for say a ‘800 capacity venue in Manchester’ and just see what comes back. If it’s anything like our friends they’ll reply “Well, our wedding was at the Wedding Chapel in Blackpool, it’s a bit out of your way, and they only hold 75 people but the staff were amazing and do you really need to invite so many people?”.
  • Finally, and this is probably the easiest version for you which should also result in some money savings, you could call an event management company (Wellpleased Events maybe?) and get them to do the job. We would say that wouldn’t we? Yes, but there are concrete reasons for doing so.

Events companies secure approximately 8-10% commission / price reduction on most conference venues across the UK, not just the town they’re based in. If you ask nicely, they’ll hand that saving on to you. If they’re anything like Wellpleased Events, they’ll also be real people, using their industry contacts, their industry knowledge and their experience. They know what kind of venues work and what don’t. They know that the conference projectors and screens that are supplied by most hotels in won’t be up to scratch for presenting to a 700 capacity conference in London but they’ll find you a solution which will be. They’ll know that whilst many unique warehouse venues offer you a conference suite of rooms, when you want to make that leadership speech, you’ll need everyone in the same room. They know that if you’re holding a 1000 capacity gala dinner in London, that you need to make sure the catering facilities are up to scratch and that local transport links are strong too, which might write-off that cool urban loft space you had in mind. They also know, that sometimes, only a bespoke venue will do; a 1000 capacity marquee or temporary structure may be the only solution if you’ve got a specific location or style in mind. And an events company will know exactly when paying for the expense of a marquee will pay off, and when you need to reassess the options.

What is the catch?

The event management company or party planner will offer you other services. They’d be crazy not to and you’d be mad not to use them. They’ll manage your event caterer, they’ll check your presentation equipment, they’ll put your slides and graphics together, they’ll find you reduced rate event entertainment solutions because they know the agent, and not the middle man. They’ll produce your venue décor to make it look like no other, they’ll organise the event invites the event registration and the event security. When the event generator power goes down, they already have a backup sorted for you for ‘just-in-case’. They’ll save you time, and will save you money. And if you choose the right event management company in London, Manchester or Birmingham (Wellpleased Events!), they’ll keep it all within your budget.


A list of our favourite 500 capacity venues in London

bloomsbury big top

This Big Top Bloomsbury venue is perfect for 1000 capacity parties and adds an element of fun, creating a circus themed venue which will really make your conference pop.  Set in a beautiful park in the centre of London and close to transport links, it looks great from the outside (it is a big top after all) and even better from the inside. Perfect to make a really strong exciting conference message, or to really impress your charity gala dinner guests.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!

evolution battersea

This is hard to beat.  Evolution Battersea is a huge blank canvas London venue, right in the heart of the city, not far from the river.  It’s got a fantastic catering team who bring innovation to their offerings rather than boring coq au vin.  It is actually a 2000 capacity London event space but can be tailored to fit your crowd size so you won’t feel swamped.  It’s a really modern venue, and you can make it special really easily.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!


It’s an old favourite but it’s so flexible and that’s why we love it!  Tobacco Dock is comprised of huge Edwardian shipping buildings once used for storage and now a 1500 capacity London event venue.  The space features underground vaults and arches, perfect for drinks receptions and outdoors space too, which means there’s a lot of options in the summer.   The huge stairs create a perfect natural stage and the height of the ceilings mean that aerial acts are great for this large London events venue.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!

A list of our favourite 400 capacity venues in Birmingham

Great Hall birmingham

Ah the Great Hall.  So grand, so opulent.  Harry-Potter-esque even? It’s a stunning 1000 capacity venue in Birmingham (that’s theatre style, it’s a 400 capacity Birmingham venue if your guests are dining).  Huge marble floors, stained glass windows, perfect for a wedding, but just as good for a party or reception.  The high ceilings lend themselves to spectacular aerial and light shows.  A large Birmingham venue perfectly placed for great transport links too.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!

bingley hall birmimgham

Here’s a modern blank canvas large Birmingham venue for you.  It might not look anything too snazzy from the outside but that’s why we love it.  A bit of uplighting, a few projections and it’s transformed into the beautifully wrapped venue you were looking for. New Bingley Hall is a venue purpose built for events and can cater for up to 1000 banqueting style.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!


db polo club

Now here’s a Birmingham large venue which is a bit further out.  It’s newly renovated so you can be sure that everything about it is immaculate.  The polo club has a large clubhouse which is in true colonial style, then there are the extensive grounds perfect for marquees and best of all there is a giant hall which can cater for up to 1000 guests seated.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!

A list of our favourite 500 capacity venues in Manchester


This large Manchester event venue has a capacity of up to 4000 seated and looks, quite simply, stunning.  Multiple rooms, various halls and a variety of combinations mean that your conference or party can be like no other.  The Victorian architecture will be a great backdrop for any corporate conference yet it is still a huge open Manchester events space without columns obstructing the view.  That’s why Manchester Central is one of the best.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!


Event City can do no wrong.  Well, almost.  They’re a large Manchester venue right on the Trafford Centre, so close to trains and buses, loads of car parking (free!).  The space is modular, so it can become a 5000 capacity Manchester venue or can be made much smaller.  Their in house caterers are strong, and you can turn the event space into anything you’d like (see our Bollywood style event with beautiful Indian-Asian tents inside the building).  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!



IWM North is the Imperial War Museum in Manchester but don’t be put off by that horrible title.  This large Manchester venue can welcome up to 700 people to a reception, or 300 seated in the main exhibition space. The exterior of the building and the location of the venue, by the canals makes it one of the most impressive events space entrances in the UK and the interior doesn’t disappoint either.  Don’t forget – don’t go direct, call us on 0113 244 2720 if you want to get a discount off the venue hire price!

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