wellpleased | Wellpleased's new CNC machine can make any bespoke prop or piece of furniture
Wellpleased Events have just bought a new CNC machine which will allow us to create any bespoke prop or piece of furniture of any size for events of hire in any material
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Our new CNC machine means we can make ANYTHING!

07 Feb 2014, Posted by wellpleased in Production


Now this might sound a bit nerdy, but we are RIDICULOUSLY excited about our new investment… a beautiful shiny CNC machine!

What’s that?

It’s a computer numerical control machine of course!

What does it do?  It automatically cuts out intricate designs that we’ve made using CAD into wood, plastic and metal to a high level of accuracy. Before we had the machine, we would have done this by hand or sent them to a specialist; now we’re the specialists!

We’re already planning what to create, the first of which will be gorgeous light-up letters like below, to decorate weddings, parties and receptions. The bridge and groom or birthday girl or boy can have their own initials (or any word such as ‘love’) as a beautiful backdrop.  This should only take us a day or so, so if you’re looking for these for your wedding, let us know asap and you can have them first!

The sky is, of course, the limit to what we can create; UV furniture, giant signs, intricate stage sets, beautiful sculptures; just let us know what you’d like to create and you can hire it or purchase it outright.  Don’t worry about the design, we’ll do that for you too – you just need to tell us what you fancy.

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