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PPG’s Colour of the Year 2019: Night Watch

28 Mar 2019, Posted by Sarah Clark in Interiors, PPG, Styling

Night Watch emulates the feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature.

It’s a rich, luxurious and classic shade of green, and its versatility allows the paint colour to be used in a variety of rooms and design segments – from healthcare to commercial and residential design. Night Watch PPG1145-7 was named Color of the Year as part of our We Are: Colour trends.






How To Use Night Watch

Our Color of the Year can be incorporated as a focal accent wall in a bedroom or dining room. It can be especially impactful in places without any view or tie to the outdoors, like the end of a windowless hallway. For exteriors, Night Watch is a gorgeous alternative to the trending black or deepest blue-black, and it works well as an accent on doors and shutters.

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