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The Airwheel is awesome for events!

28 Oct 2014, Posted by wellpleased in In the Press, Wellpleased events

So last night on the TV we watched The Gadget Show on Channel 5 and saw that they were loving the Airwheel!

It costs around £800 but we have an awesome deal with Airwheel UK which means if you put in the voucher code ‘wellpleased’ at the checkout you can get a discount!

Now we’ve loved the Airwheel for months, ever since we bought it for the Tour de France event we managed where it was an essential part of getting around on site, and ever since we’ve loved it!  It’s a bit like the Segway, without the handles, but it costs a fraction of the price, you can pick it up it’s so light.  It’s based on the physics of a gyro and is dubbed the future of personal transportation.

It doesn’t take long to learn it, perhaps 10 minutes, maybe 15 if you’re cautious, and then you’re up and away. The one we like is the Q3 Airwheel, it’s much more stable (it has 2 wheels not 1) and has the best spec. The max speed is 10 – 12 mph, it can go as far as 28 miles without re-charging, it takes 1.5 hours to charge, it weighs 13 kg, and can take up to 120 kg in weight (about 19 stone).  Our top tips for learning?  Go to a tennis court with metal nets or anywhere with long railings and just go up and down, gradually weaning yourself off using your ‘grab rails’ for balance.

It’s great for exhibitions, conferences and large festivals (yes it can go off road with a bit of skill), and we think every event manager needs one!

So if you’re wondering ‘where do I buy an Airwheel in the UK?’ the website is www.theairwheel.co.uk. Don’t forget to use your discount code!




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