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We help re-launch Gordons LLP @ Leeds Art Gallery

30 Apr 2012, Posted by wellpleased in art gallery, Gordons LLP, launch event, launch party, lawyers, Leeds, Wellpleased, Wellpleased events, Yorkshire, Yorkshire events

Picasso, Dali, Magritte, they were all there.
Well, their paintings were.
Last week we helped re-launch Gordons LLP at an evening reception.  We helped them demystify pieces of art by adding a Gordons no-nonsense approach. 
Dali’s Lobster telephone actually spoke to guests; invitees could become the man in Magritte’s painting by standing in front of our suited and booted mirror, and everyone helped colour in our LOVE picture in beautiful Gordons LLP colours. 
Lawyers, art and fun; not an obvious mix, except when Gordons and Wellpleased are involved.

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