wellpleased | Wellpleased creates masterpiece in student house


Wellpleased creates masterpiece in student house

05 Dec 2012, Posted by wellpleased in event design, Events, graduation, Leeds, made in chelsea, naked sushi girl, party, student

When a student approached Wellpleased with an idea for a leaving party for himself and fellow students, the team were more than happy to let this guy go out with a bang!
Wellpleased created a masterpiece in what was not your everyday event venue, but the party was spectacular and something that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.
 The night included a naked sushi girl, waiters,a menu good enough for a King and enough plonk to sink a battle ship. A few of the Made in Chelsea cast also made an appearance to help wave off their pals student days. 
The night was magnificent…didn’t envy the people who had to clean up the morning after however!

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